Not to toot our own horns or anything but the caravan makes any and every party.  We can't help it.  People just fall in love with the canned ham.  

When it comes to renting the caravan bar, we offer a few amazing options:

Option 1 is where you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.  This is the full blown, full service, all the bells and whistles option where we take care of EVERYTHING.  This includes professional bartenders, glassware, signature cocktails and custom staging for the event.  This option starts at $3500 and pricing depends on number of guests and duration of the shindig.

Option 2 is our Just the Bus option- Sometimes our customers want the caterer that they have hired for food to organize and work the bar as well.  For this option, we deliver the caravan, set it up, customize the staging for your party and then your caterer takes it from there. This option starts at $2000.

There are other ways to get in on the canned ham action.  We rent the caravan as a prop for photoshoots and can do smaller events such as kids ice cream parties or coffee/mimosa bar get togethers.  These are all priced individually, so please shoot us an email for more info or to brainstorm ideas:

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